August 1912 – Essen in the Ruhr area (Germany)

Project Postcard August 1912 Essen a.d. Ruhr front

Project Postcard August 1912 Essen a.d. Ruhr back

Essen is one of the biggest towns in the Ruhr area in Germany.  Ruhr is a polycentric urban area in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany with a population density of 2.800/kmĀ² and a population of eight and a half million, it is the largest urban area in Germany, and third-largest in the European Union.

It consists of several large, industrial cities bordered by the rivers Ruhr to the south, Rhine to the west, and Lippe to the north. In the southwest it borders the Bergisches Land. It is considered part of the larger Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region of more than 12 million people, which is among the largest in Europe.

This postcard from August 1912 goes to Hannover.

Owner of this postcard: Matias Roskos

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